What is a Supper Club?

The Supper Club comes to break the formality of the restaurants: here the chefs open their house to receive guests.
In a communal table lays the beauty of this experience: sharing dinner - a moment that feeds the body and soul - with different people, often from other countries, cultures, professions, ages and orientations.
It is the opportunity to make new friends, learn, relax and get to know new cultures, having food that has been prepared with great care and attention.

And so Preamar begins

Preamar is born from the love of two chefs, Guilherme and Caroline, for cooking, for culture and everything it represents. This allied with the passion for the sea, its mysteries and greatness, comes to create Preamar.
The almost full tide, the perfect time for surfers, is the sea in its splendour. It shows the richness of the cycles of life, the come and go of the waves, of the seasons, where nothing is permanent but constantly renewed.
The chefs gather their experiences to translate the best of the ingredients, in dishes that respect the seasonality.

Our influences

Students of classic French cuisine and experienced in fine dining restaurants, chefs collect influences from places they have been, from their travels and also from their homeland: Brazil, combined with the Portuguese setting.
A seasonal menu, assembled with much care and attention to enrich your experience.


 Santa Catarina St. , Porto, Portugual

+351 915 808 003

* For private dinner, please contact us.

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