Guilherme was born in São Luis do Maranhão, Brazil. With part of the family from north Brazil and part coming of Portuguese descendants, from Famalicão, was always influenced by its traditions.
As a kid he used fo play around his family's catering company, where he would later come to work for 6 years.
Looking to learn more about food and restaurants Guilherme moved to London where he graduated in Gastronomy at Le Cordon Bleu school. Worked in high end cuisine restaurants, some of them with Michelin Stars.
He believes that hands are carriers of passion for cooking. The ability to bring up emotions, memories and to generate new memorable moments are the beauty he sees in food.


Born in Lajeado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Caroline has shown interest in cooking at very young age.She grew up seeing her mother and grandmother cooking meals that welcomed family and friends. Preserving German tradition, cakes and pies were a vital part of Sunday meetings.
She saw in Nutrition College a way of getting close to what seemed to be her passion - Cooking.
In London, she was captivated by the restaurant industry and graduated in Gastronomy at Westminster Kingsway College.
In her professional experience, she has worked in great restaurants, some of them with Michelin Stars and came to find her passion in fine dinning.
She was fascinated by the effect that food has on people. The smell, the visual, the way it is presented and especially the taste are able to bring people together, to excite, to revive memories, to warm the heart and the soul.


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